• Post Title The Cleanse: Day 3

    POSTED ON January 11, 2013

    VICTORY! I write before you, today, in true victory. I D I D I T ! What a feeling. And guess what? Today might have been the easiest day of all. I felt as if I had already won just by waking up this morning. That must be how celebrities feel. Today, I was invincible. The delicious smells that filled my day could not tempt me. Well, almost. The boyfriend just got home from a business trip  (super duper YAY!) and of course, needed to eat dinner. He cooked plain old rice, but it smelled like a kitchen paradise. I wanted it. I forced myself to stay downstairs, wondering if my self control would remain intact with it right in my face.

    The Cleanse: Day 3

    The reactions surrounding my cleanse? Hilarious. Most people tried to tempt me with food by eating it right in front of me (the sick, mean ones of course). Some people stared at me in shock and disbelief questioning my sanity. A few tried to make me feel bad about my accomplishment – telling me three days was nothing, anyone could do it. Some people were oh-so-supportive (high-five!). Some, grossed out by my daily round of smoothies, complained of their smell. But mostly, I noticed myself, during all of these reactions, just enjoying it. I never once let it get me down, make me question my decision, feel bad for “only doing three days” or want to actually give in and eat. I was doing it, with or without anyone’s support or acceptance. Boy, that feels good. One could strive to live their life this way, no? I think I shall.

    The Cleanse: Day 3

    Thank you cleanse. You taught me so much more than what it means to be hungry and the human emotion surrounding that. I will always remember you. Ps. EXTRA HIGH FIVE that I never felt the red hot end of the mood spectrum, aka hating everyone. I might have had a flicker here or there, for a few hot minutes, but I pulled myself together. That, is a feat in and of itself.

    The Cleanse: Day 3

    I hope you’ll share you previous, current or future plans for a cleanse with me! I would so love to hear about it. Thanks for following along on my journey.

    Ps. This is what true victory looks like right here.

    The Cleanse: Day 3

    The Cleanse: Day 3
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  1. Kristiina says:

    I think the first 3 days are the hardest so don’t let anyone feel bad for not going longer! You should be really proud, most people don’t make it a whole day.

  2. Congrats! I, for one, think it’s good to challenge ourselves, be it a cleanse of food or something else entirely. In a world of instant gratification and so many things at our fingertips, it can be a good reminder of how good we have it.