• Post Title The Cleanse: Day 1

    POSTED ON January 9, 2013

    Hi! I have almost officially made it through my first day of The Cleanse as I type this little post. Shut the front door. It’s true, I wanted a cheeseburger (and thanks to our intern) a grilled cheese about 100 times today. I thought it would be worse. Not bad. Not bad at all. Also, I thought you should all congratulate me on my incredible self control. Like major. The kitchen at my office was restocked today. If ever there were a junk food paradise, this kitchen was it. I instinctively reached for a bag of chips on my way out the door (with juice in hand) and couldn’t even believe myself. Life really is about habit, no? Anyways, moral of the story, you owe me a high-five! I stuck to my guns, in the face of adversity. Look at me go!

    Another little bit of gossip I thought I’d share with you…there is a whole crew of cleansers doing this right by my side! A few ladies at the office took the plunge with me, go #teamcleanse!  Let me tell you, it’s incredible having a support team to complain about my hunger with. They get me, ya know? If you plan on doing a cleanse, I highly recommend getting a few people close to you to buy-in to the plan too, you’ll be stronger, I promise. No cheeseburgers and fries for you, you got your crew!

    The Cleanse: Day 1

    #Teamcleanse is following pretty much the same routine and recipes each day. Same smoothies and juices for the whole 3 days. I know, you’re supposed to switch it up, but we’re keeping it easy peezy the first time around. I decided it would be fun to share the recipes with you as I go. Heck, join right in!

    The Cleanse: Day 1

    What’s my motto for the cleanse, you ask? You can do ANYTHING for 3 days, right? RIGHT?

    The Cleanse: Day 1

    Recipe found here via here (<<<– part of #teamcleanse, that’s my boss, she has a blog too!)

    The Cleanse: Day 1
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  1. Callie says:

    I am so impressed!! A plus for willpower!

  2. Kristiina says:

    Yeah girl! Glad you are doing it.