• Post Title Spring Trends, get your FIX

    POSTED ON April 17, 2013

    Spring Trends, get your FIX


    THOSE BOOTS. Perfection for the season that is upon us. I mean, just stop it. I like to call this particular style the breathable mesh appeal, because I quite enjoy stating the obvious. Go quite dandy with the ‘ol cut out trend too, I might add.

    Confession: I kind of hate sandals. Yes, it’s true. Let me dish for a minute. Ya’ll. I’m deathly afraid of (and extremely disgusted by) feet. Even writing it makes me cringe. And let’s be real,  it’s kind of hard to feel really great and stylish in a pair of flat sandals (exceptions apply, obviously). This has always been a hangup of mine in the spring and summer seasons.  Confession over.  Now you can fully appreciate my excitement about these amazing booties and these ones here too. LIVIN’ IN EM ALL DAY ERRRY DAY. How do you like that for some spring trends?

    The other stuff is cute too, obviously, you saw it. Enjoy!  necklace | clutch | pants | tank | booties | shades


    Spring Trends, get your FIX
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