• Post Title I’m going to a blogging conference!

    POSTED ON January 23, 2013

    Im going to a blogging conference!

    This post was inspired by the words of my girl Sara Bareilles. TODAY is the start of my blogging conference, Altitude Design Summit.


    It’s incredible how different you become when you are doing things in your life that make sense. Things that you love. Just for you. Not for anyone else. In another song, Sara sings about being a people pleaser and putting everyone else first in line, just waiting for them to tell her it’s her turn to shine. That couldn’t be more eye opening for me right now. There are certain avenues of my life where that is the absolute epitome of how I’ve become. So today, I start fresh and I’m leaving that hoopla behind. I’m attending this conference just for me.

    On another note, it’s kind of the scariest thing I’ve ever done. You know, putting myself out there? My blog is nowhere near where I have the hopes and dreams of it being (the design, branding, content, etc)…and that almost stopped me from going. Thinking I might feel totally left out in a sea of uber successful professional bloggers. I am NOT a professional blogger. This is my fun zone.

    I am attending ALT to learn more about blogging. I just dove right into the blogging game, not really doing any research on much of anything. Really, nothing. I don’t know anything about SEO (despite my desperate fathers attempts to teach me). I am not socially savvy when it comes to promoting my blog jazz. I’m not really sure what it means to make myself into a brand when I have zero clue what that brand is. I’m still trying to figure out my LIFE, let alone the life of my blog. Should it be a business? Or just a hobby? See? I need you ALT!

    On the other hand, it’s kind of the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible attendees and speakers. Plus my girl Jessica Alba of The Honest Company is making a special trip out just to see me. (So sweet of her, right?) The inspiration alone from this crew is going to be phenomenal. I might have an inspiration heart attack. I think it’s worth mentioning, however, that I am NOT attending this conference to show off how “together” I am as a blogger. This is a learning conference and I’m excited to do just that. I really hope I can steer clear of anyone who will judge the state of my blog and the reason behind my attendance. There is a part of me that is quite nervous that everyone else is miles ahead of me in this field and I’ll be playing catch up just to get on the same page as them. Either way, a learning experience it shall be. Everyone is going to be my best friend forever, I’m not even worried about it.

    Wish me luck ok, kiddo?

    Im going to a blogging conference!
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