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    POSTED ON December 4, 2012

    Holiday Links

    YOU GUYS I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE LINKS! Seriously each of them is not only simple and incredible, but the 3 DIY’s you see are completely do-able with such a HUGE payoff. I am planning to make a crap load of kraft glitter flags tomorrow night. Friends and family getting presents from me this year are going to be soooo stoked that they wont even want to open their presents. Boooooom. Plus, I think these trees are the cutest thing since baby puppies. She even did a glitter version too, swoon. The crochet garland is the perfect “I’m not trying too hard to be cute as hell” accent to any wall (or even as present decoration). I’m planning to hang mine from my inspiration board over my desk. You can buy similar ones at her ETSY shop too. Get this (free) iPhone wallpaper. It will make you feel so hot, it’s not even funny. Ps. She makes SUPER cute ones each month, so bookmark that link yo.

    What’s your favorite? Am I the only one that cannot make up my mind?

    DIY Kraft Glitter Flag by Besotted Brand I Free iPhone Wallpaper by Cotton & Flax I DIY Crochet Garland by Bridesmaid I DIY Modern Tree by Curbly / Capreek

    Holiday Links
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  1. Miss B. says:

    Thank you SO much for including Besotted in your beautiful DIY round up!