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    POSTED ON June 28, 2012

    Sometimes, when browsing the interwebs you come across something that makes you stop in your tracks, scream OH MY GOD IS THIS REAL LIFE?! and then insanely scroll through the entire post 1200 times swearing to yourself that there is not enough time in the day to explore all of its beauty. Such photos also make you save the website and its content as EPIC SHIT in the “posts-to-be” file on your computer. I call this my inspiration heart attack.

    Epic HouseEpic HouseEpic House

    I think the most appealing thing about this space is the realization that you CAN recreate it in real life. So often I find pictures of epic spaces on these interwebs and I am both dramatically inspired and depressed all at once. This comes from the realization that you likely cannot recreate your dream space that you have just found without a cool mil in the bank. Not this one friends, I find this space refreshingly doable on a budget. Do tell about the spaces that give you an inspiration heart attack.

    Photo source: Alvhem

    Pssst, look for a new series next week, hint: it will make your heart aflutter. EDIT: After a fabulous Blog Brunch this week, I am slowing down and really taking some time to develop this idea. That way, when I launch it, you will be just as amazed as I am with the idea. Thanks friends!

    Epic House
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