• Post Title Charlotte Free for No. Magazine #15

    POSTED ON October 8, 2012

    Charlotte Free for No. Magazine #15

    Oh hey pastel hair, cat sunglasses and hot-ass-amazingly-styled clothes. I see you over there, with your cool girl swag. I can’t really get the words out about how much I love the styling in this editorial, so instead I’ll use my Borat voice and say “ver ver niiice” and write a love note to the model: Dear Charlotte Free, I want to steal your name and, I have a style crush on you. Lets be friends, xo me.

    Image Source: No. Magazine / fashion direction: Zara Mirkin / snaps: Moni Haworth

    Ps. I’m in the process of getting new fonts & making some little tweaks to the blog design.  Some things might look a bit off in the process but don’t worry, the world is not ending. It will be very pretty soon.

    Charlotte Free for No. Magazine #15
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