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    Styled: 5th & Elm Lookbook

    POSTED ON December 20, 2013

    In my dreams, I play a wardrobe stylist every single time. So on the weekends, I live that dream out loud by playing wardrobe stylist on fun freelance gigs. Life is grand, eh? Here are a few the best snaps from my latest project, the 5th & Elm Fall/Winter Lookbook! See the full 5th & Elm Fall/Winter Lookbook here […]

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    Featured: Be Wise Magazine Spread

    POSTED ON August 10, 2013

    Here’s a fun little feature Be Wise Magazine did on ya home girl, SK. Aka, me. Pretty fun prancing around town, getting my makeup done at Sonic and then posing like the model I’m not. See the full feature here

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    Editorial by Marton Perlaki | Photog to Love

    POSTED ON March 21, 2013

    You know? I know. He gets it and then some, am I right? This beautiful Editorial by Martin Perlaki is definitely enough to make yo jaw drop. I think I love the completely relaxed nature of the model in these images, while immersed in the most unique of poses or environments. It has a calming effect. One […]

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    The Style Shoot

    POSTED ON February 19, 2013

    I have a fun post for you kiddos today. It’s a full-fledged collaboration. Get your happy dance on, because you are about to land your eyes on a little style shoot. You’re going to meet two fabulous ladies today. First up? The talent behind the lens, Kiersta Rhodes. Kiersta is the owner of her self-started photography business, […]

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    Monkey Stylist, by David Titlow

    POSTED ON January 2, 2013

    I love weird shit and this my friends, is just that. And for those of you that are unsure, I mean that as a raging compliment. Remember this post? Yeah, weird. This one feels so hilarious by nature that I just heart it. Plus they went over-the-top on the model’s clothing, what’s not to love? […]

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    POSTED ON November 20, 2012

    BAAAHZING, check out that eye flare all up in your face. I’m ridiculously in love with the top image, I just can’t get enough. This is how I want every single night of my life to play out. Think we can make that happen? Great. This is a shoot for the cover of Elle Poland […]

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    POSTED ON October 23, 2012

    LOVING the accessories from the stylestalker lookbook. Also, the shirt, I need. Now. Today. Little background for you on those white nails…yeah, my best friend started that in college. We all told her she was stupid. She wins, all these years later. I’m sure she feels tingly inside. Or maybe she has no idea? Should […]

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    Charlotte Free for No. Magazine #15

    POSTED ON October 8, 2012

    Oh hey pastel hair, cat sunglasses and hot-ass-amazingly-styled clothes. I see you over there, with your cool girl swag. I can’t really get the words out about how much I love the styling in this editorial, so instead I’ll use my Borat voice and say “ver ver niiice” and write a love note to the […]

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    Well, That’s Unusual

    POSTED ON September 11, 2012

    I love how these images seem to poke fun at fashion, but are completely stylish at the same time. It’s a great reminder not to take anything too seriously – if you ask me. Photographer: Ted Sabarese // Sculpture: Nick Cave // Found via Trendland

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    Oh you fancy, huh?

    POSTED ON August 14, 2012

    I mean seriously? I need to know who did the styling for this set because OH LA LA they fancy. I would never have thought of this, which makes me love it a million times over. Shoes in the kitchen? Boom goes the dynamite. I am majorly swooning over here (in my new leather chair… […]