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    Holiday Links

    POSTED ON December 4, 2012

    YOU GUYS I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE LINKS! Seriously each of them is not only simple and incredible, but the 3 DIY’s you see are completely do-able with such a HUGE payoff. I am planning to make a crap load of kraft glitter flags tomorrow night. Friends and family getting presents from me this […]

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    Make it – Gold Tray

    POSTED ON July 12, 2012
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    Epic House

    POSTED ON June 28, 2012

    Sometimes, when browsing the interwebs you come across something that makes you stop in your tracks, scream OH MY GOD IS THIS REAL LIFE?! and then insanely scroll through the entire post 1200 times swearing to yourself that there is not enough time in the day to explore all of its beauty. Such photos also […]

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