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    Spruce your place up with Amanda Brown

    POSTED ON December 4, 2013

    Remember the last time I went on and on about our new loft, oh about, a year and a half ago? Well kids, that moving time has come yet again and the boyfriend and I are officially living in our new loft! The place is killer and we are obsessed with decorating it to the […]

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    The Good Kind of POM…

    POSTED ON February 1, 2013

    Guys, by now you’ve noticed the pom pom craze, unless you’re living under a freakin’ rock. And in that case, well, I feel sorry for you because these little suckers are a real crowd pleaser. Quite possibly the easiest DIY of your life, too. One of my favorite tutorials here. Add them to anything and […]

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    Good things are coming, ya’ll

    POSTED ON January 30, 2013

    Dearest friends, there is so much goodness coming your way that I cannot wait to share it with you. Life has taken over this week,  between attending the whirlwind that is Altitude Summit, soaking up major boyfriend QT in-between trips, my full time job, a messy house and oh you know, figuring out my destiny, […]

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    The Cleanse: Day 3

    POSTED ON January 11, 2013

    VICTORY! I write before you, today, in true victory. I D I D I T ! What a feeling. And guess what? Today might have been the easiest day of all. I felt as if I had already won just by waking up this morning. That must be how celebrities feel. Today, I was invincible. […]

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    The Cleanse: Day 2

    POSTED ON January 10, 2013

    Woah, day two. Today, my brain is mush. Verrrrry slow. My brain just aint feelin’ it. I feel pretty exhausted and not much of anything else, including hungry. Sure, I’d eat. But no cravings I can’t manage. The main thing I’m noticing? I cant drink water! My body is repelling it.  Except for coconut water, […]

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    The Cleanse: Day 1

    POSTED ON January 9, 2013

    Hi! I have almost officially made it through my first day of The Cleanse as I type this little post. Shut the front door. It’s true, I wanted a cheeseburger (and thanks to our intern) a grilled cheese about 100 times today. I thought it would be worse. Not bad. Not bad at all. Also, […]

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    The Cleanse

    POSTED ON January 8, 2013

    Guys, I’m doing it. I’m REALLY doing it. Yep, a cleanse. A smoothie and juice cleanse mix-up, DIY style. My first cleanse, ever. This is actually incredibly hard to believe considering my mother is somewhat of a master cleanser. It takes me awhile to catch on to all of her ways of wisdom, I tell ya. […]

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    Holiday Links

    POSTED ON December 4, 2012

    YOU GUYS I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE LINKS! Seriously each of them is not only simple and incredible, but the 3 DIY’s you see are completely do-able with such a HUGE payoff. I am planning to make a crap load of kraft glitter flags tomorrow night. Friends and family getting presents from me this […]

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    Jewel it right up

    POSTED ON November 6, 2012

    What you are seeing here is an image that has given my mind a panic attack full of inspiration. Holy yowza! Incredible. That necklace? No words except…how? How the hell did that thing happen and how can I make it appear around my neck immediately? The color, the texture, the silver contrast…it is just divine. […]

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    POSTED ON October 3, 2012

    I have tattoo fever up in here right naw naw naw. (Rap track.) I am crazy for the ink and I don’t give a stink… (Just seeing where that one went.) It might not seem like a big deal. A tattoo, who cares? Old news. But for me, its B-I-G. I’ve been anti-tattoo for my […]