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    POSTED ON February 7, 2013

    Hello friends. I am doing my best over here to get all of this exciting content out to you that I have promised, but pretty things take time, ya hear? I find that I am challenging myself to make things better, more thoughtful and as a whole, a closer representation of me…in every single post. I know you can dig that. Hell, scream out your praises if you so desire.

    In the meantime, to cure your stylish obsession, I wanted to share one of my new favorite blogs and bloggers with you. Aimee and I met on twitter (after the best intro from this guy) and it was true love if ever there were such a thing at 140 characters.  Recently, she has launched herself a brand new shiny blog called The Local Transplant. Blogging is really all about community and exerting your creative energies out into the world, right? Well, this is one of those girls you want to have in your blogging crew. Trust me. She is witty, stylish and I’m pretty sure she’s also a big time brainiac. I love her, her blog and her style, I don’t doubt that you will, too.

    Blog Spotlight: The Local TransplantBlog Spotlight: The Local TransplantBlog Spotlight: The Local Transplant

    Find all of her outfit details in the direct links below and over here. For more, follow Aimee on Twitter, too!

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    Blog Spotlight: The Local Transplant
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  1. Kelsey Bang says:

    aimee is adorable! loving her style and cute hair!

  2. surgeon.pk says:

    Its great. Loved it. This sounds nice and interesting… hair transplant lahore