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    POSTED ON October 2, 2012

    Birthday Girl

    “Dear younger me, you will get much better with age.” – (source)

    We all tell ourselves this, don’t we? As we get closer to an age that scares us a bit, we can’t help but feel as though our birthday is a giant black hole we’ve been forced into. Rather than a beautiful rainbow we used to run towards in our younger years. I am struggling a bit with this birthday, ya’ll! Today, when I fill out a hypothetical form, I have to check the OTHER box. I am no longer in the 25 and under category. Younger girls now scrunch their nose at me when I tell them my age. I am closer to 30 than I am to 20. I’m scared I wont accomplish all my goals. It doesn’t feel right to be this age. I hear that it doesn’t get better. My mom, for example, is still surprised when she thinks about being 50. I guess you just never accept getting older. Or maybe you accept it, but it never feels like you think it should. Plus there is the whole society-shunning-age-thing that adds a whole new level to your freak out.

    Lets talk some positives. I’m doing my very first-ever guest post over on artsocial! Three claps. Please pop over and show her some blog love, she very much deserves it. I am also pampering myself today, starting with a manicure and the day off of work. I’ll be spending the next few days with my love hunk on a fun trip.  I’m thankful to be here on this planet even if today is a rough, mixed-emotions birthday.

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    Check out my first guest post, right this way on artsocial.

    Birthday Girl
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