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    POSTED ON November 17, 2012

    Can it be true, is Thanksgiving really NEXT WEEK?! It can’t. Impossible. I feel way more surprised than usual this year by how fast the time has flown. Is this another one of those awesome things that comes with age? Probably. Well, not only is it time to start thinking about your turkey (or tofurkey), but it’s also time to think about Christmas cards. What’s the scoop, are all the cool kids doing it? Do you and your family send them out? I never have but I absolutely LOVE getting them in the mail. When I was younger, I remember visiting my aunt and uncles houses to find their entire walls covered in cute Christmas cards. I told my brother that one day that I too would cover all of my walls in Christmas cards (and have a million friends that would send them to me). But in order to get one, you have to send one, right? Right. My boyfriend and I have joked about doing one for the last few years, but this is the year we might just take the plunge. Is it weird to send out a card when you aren’t married? Not at all. So our generation, right? Just pissing the older generation off right and left, him and I.

    When Minted reached out and asked me to flip through their holiday cards and chose my favorite, I was thrilled. Talk about options! This site is a customization dream.  No joke. You can chose your colors, shape of the card, text, photo, back layout, envelope, pattern… the list goes on. I think it makes you feel like you are really getting a one of a kind card. They also have a rad comparison tool that will help you narrow down your choices. Check out my favorites, and maybe, just maybe, some of you will be getting one in the mail!

    Be sure to send me a Christmas card this year, if you send them out. I would love to add you to my wall!

    I partnered with Minted on this post, find more great styles on their site!

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