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    POSTED ON October 11, 2012

    Be Happy

    First, how adorable is Erin from artsocial – our fabulous guest poster from yesterday? That’s right, so adorable. That pom just makes her outfit pop, am I right? Plus she’s from Denver (I am from there too!) and her blog is fabalicious. I hope you’ve added her to your bloglovin’ feed, google reader or whatever the heck you use because she’s one to watch. ALSO today’s post is gettin’ added to her Be Happy Linkup party. Is that enough Erin for you? Nope, not even close.

    Second, for those of you who read this little blog and don’t know me personally, thank you. For you, a treat. I’m going to share a few things today. School started back up a few weeks ago and I am enjoying my courses (I work a full time corpo job during the day, and attend fashion courses at night). There is something quite satisfying about being in a room full of your like-minded peers. It’s just great. I have never experienced it before, in this way.  To sit back, with the free rein to let your mind explore your dreams in comfort and without judgement, that’s the good shit and its damn near heavenly. I like this most about school. I have my dreams and I don’t have to explain them or fear criticism. However, the overachiever, baller-on-a-budget part of me often wonders if I would be better off teaching myself everything I’d like to know. I am so hungry for the information, and school seems so slow at getting me there. But I’ll stay in school until I’ve made up my mind on that piece.

    Let’s talk about these fashion dreams I speak of. While reading the Happiness Project (it’s a revolution, ya’ll) I stopped dead in my tracks at one sentence:

    Be Happy

    There it was, my lifelong feelings summed up into one sentence.  Something I have never been able to put my finger on until that very moment. Hot damn, you nailed it Gretchen! When I was younger, I almost went to FIDM right out of High School. But that quote stopped me, I got a Finance degree instead. Later, I almost stayed in France (during my semester abroad) to live and work in Paris. But that quote stopped me. Now, I attend fashion courses and blog about fashion, and still, that quote stops me. I really like to be taken seriously and always demand respect. Ask anyone that knows me, it’s annoying. Obviously, having a legitimate career is something that backs up that demand, because after all, the number one question you’re asked as an adult is “what do you do?”  I also tend to be a pretty rational person so have always sided with the “smarter” choices in life. Fashion, to me, is legitimate. But to the outside world? Not so much. Usually, I’m met with an eye roll, a bitchy or sarcastic “materialistic” comment, or an “oh” accompanied by an arched eyebrow and un-approving nose squish when I mention my interest. I don’t think people get fashion. They think it’s silly. I do too sometimes, like when I’m ranting and raving about a pair of shoes. I mean, a pair of shoes!?! Who cares? There are people starving. People dying. There are new technologies to discover! Diseases to cure. Cars to build. The thing is, it makes me happy. So I’m learning how to figure out what that means in relation to this whole legitimate thing.  Stay tuned for life progress and more shoes coming up on the blog.

    Any insight you care to share?

    Image Source: Switzer Photography / Buy: Happiness Project

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    Be Happy
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  1. Oh yay! So happy you joined the linkup too! I can’t wait to hear more from you! And Erin is pretty awesome!

  2. Kristiina says:

    Yay! So happy you joined in. When people would roll their eyes at me for taking fashion classes I would let them know that it’s a trillion dollar industry so they could just STFU. I bet it’s even bigger now since that was almost 10 years ago!

  3. Sandra says:

    I have spent FAR too many years in paid work that felt “legitimate”. Left corporateland FINALLY. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but it isn’t the right thing if it’s keeping you from what you REALLY want to do.

    Look forward to exploring your blog and future posts!

    • shaunna says:

      Sandra! Thank you so much for your kind words – I completely agree with you. There is nothing wrong with the corporate world, I actually like some aspects of it! I just want to be doing what I LOVE and if that comes with a corporate environment, I’m open to it… but the corpo w/ out the love or passion, that’s when it just doesn’t “fit.” I’m so glad you get it and you are a true life success story :) I’m popping over to read your post now – better late than never! xx Shaunna

  4. Happy to have you in the party. And to read more of your happiness posts! XO, MJ

  5. Erin says:

    Omgeee, Shaunna!! That quote really resonated with me too… I think that page in The Happiness Project is dog-eared, highlighted, and bookmarked. Getting my degrees in art history, I got the same “oh” + raised eyebrow responses… and lots of other rude responses haha. People would flat out ask “what are you going to do with that?” A. so insulting B. constantly having to justify your career choices is exhausting.

    Getting my job at the Denver Art Museum seemed to appease a lot of those people, but I’ve found I hate it. I don’t want to work in a museum. SO now I’m deciding to push the boundaries of conventional careers once again and pursue blogging full-time when my contract at the DAM ends in December. When it comes down to it, it’s not about them. It’s NEVER about them. If something makes you happy, that’s the most legitimate career decision you can make. And I think being truly happy is the best contribution you can make to the world… the world needs more happy people.

    So much loves!!

    • shaunna says:

      ERIN love! I can’t imagine the responses to getting an Art History degree – I just cringe thinking about it. How awful that people are so judgmental to us young, eager to please, in the process of growing up little girls! Justifying anything is beyond exhausting, I completely agree. Since when do others get to make our life decisions for us, right?

      Isn’t it incredible to land something that you think you’d like, and will appease people’s doubts, i.e.. art museum for you, for me a corpo job, and realizing that in fact, it doesn’t matter what people think but rather, it matters how happy YOU are with your life? I remember going home to my boyfriend, beyond frustrated after work, telling him how important it was for me to love what I do if I’m going to spend 70% of my life there each week. I agree with your words and they are so encouraging. I just love your face so much! Thanks for hosting this fab link up ;) xx