• Post Title Barbie or Bumble Bee?

    POSTED ON May 9, 2013

    Barbie or Bumble Bee?


    Black & Yellow: Ok, let’s just get this over with. Two things come to mind with this combo: this song and a ridiculous bumble bee Halloween costume. Now that we’re past that (you can keep listening to the song) I want you to indulge me here.  Try it out, you’ll be surprised.  Ps. My favorite way to add yellow to my wardrobe? Colored shoe laces. It’s the easiest and most rewarding update. Also, just as I was finishing up this post, I found this mega amazing outfit. You’re hooked now, no going back.

    Earrings | Shoelaces from Def Shop | Sandals | Shorts | Bathing Suit

    Navy Blue & Tan: Dream team, ya’ll. They play so well off each other, it’s almost like they sit across from each other on the color wheel. This one is easy to infuse into your wardrobe, off you go to try it out.

    Tee | Ear Cuff | Shorts | Shades | Booties from Def Shop

    Purple & Pink: News flash, barbie isn’t the only girl in town that can wear this color combo. The galaxy print pretty much solidified my love for this duo this season. Don’t even get me started on those Nike Dunks. I already have them in red, but this vintage silver/purple pair is also hollering/screaming/yelling/whistling my name.

    Nike Dunk Sky High from Def Shop | Hat | Clutch | Shades | Skirt

    This post is sponsored by Def Shop. As always, this post is all me. You already knew that.

    Barbie or Bumble Bee?
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