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  • Post Title A Defining Moment in Every Fashion Girls Life

    POSTED ON January 3, 2014

    Growing up with female parts, we’re pretty well-versed on what events in our lives will unfold at the appropriate time, leading us down an enlightened and inescapable transition from girl into woman. You’re all thinking of the most obvious one right now (making that first awkward purchase at the store, or forcing your best friend to do it for you), but have you thought beyond those obvious events? Have you let your mind reach out to the crevices of a realm that might just slip away if you don’t demand of yourself the sensitivity and awareness to appreciate and soak in such moments?


    Girlfriend, you better believe that the true transition of girl to woman really begins with those moments. Go on and let your hair hang down, cozy on up to that glowing monitor and let that freak flag officially fly.

    Let me introduce you to one of the defining moments in my fashion girl life.

    Not long ago, this little heart of mine dreamt of fashion school, a stacked crew of models, photographers, creative junkies, artist types and the like as my main cohorts, living the fancy-girl-on-a-budget-I’ll-buy-that-Alexander-Wang-if-I-want-life in downtown LA. What it really boiled down to was the ultimate dream of being constantly creative and submerging myself in a lifestyle that made me feel alive. That dream, it seems, didn’t quite live up to unrealistic expectations I’d set based on a life I began living for others and not for myself. It wasn’t terrible, but it was complacent. It wasn’t quite alive. However, it really wasn’t terrible. That’s how I almost let that little gut feeling slip away.  The funny thing is, I don’t have a demanding family who lives to create unrealistic expectations or occupy rude attitudes about my dreams, rather, I have an amazing, supportive family who wish me happiness in any form and honestly believe that I have POTUS potential, if that’s what I really wanted (it’s not). I don’t have a crazy controlling boyfriend forcing me to live the life he wants or else he’s peace the hell out, but rather, the sweetest, most caring guy in the world who would follow me wherever my dreams may take me, if I just ask. I don’t have assholes in my life who put me down or tell me I can’t do what I want, rather, I have cool friends who tell me constantly that I should be doing the thing I’m passionate about because I’m really good at it. What I do have, however, is a a self-imposed belief that true success is how society defines it and that certain jobs are better than others. Certain diplomas or experiences equal brain power while others equal stupid. Ok, this is kind of real to some degree, but in my mind, it’s beyond realistic facts. It’s a compartmentalized belief that it’s this way, and not that way to make the right way.  I have this idea that telling someone what I do at a party and knowing they will think I’m a big deal is more important than actually feeling like I’m a big deal to myself because I’m living my dream, not someone else’s.  The thing is, I really could get by in life doing whatever society wanted me to. I’d own that shit, too. I’d make it my bitch. But I don’t want to. Why would I want to? Why do any of us want to? We don’t. Some of us just miss that moment of clarity or are too afraid to turn around and look it in the eyes. However, once that moment becomes real to you, there aint no goin’ back sister. It has now made you it’s bitch. Let it. Just promise yourself you’ll keep it close and start taking steps towards the life you want, not the life you may be settling for.

    Have you had a defining moment in your life recently?

    Here’s some tips on how to arrive at a non-obvious but oh-so necessary moment of your own. Hint, there will be waaaaay more than one in that hella life of yours! 


    1. Stop caring what other people want for you and start caring what you want for you.
    2. Stop being a big fat scaredy cat and get over your fear of not being good enough for your dreams. Here’s a reality check: people are going to criticize you no matter what you do. Let them do it to you while you’re madly in love with your life, it stings way less.
    3. Work towards something and accomplish it, check it off an actual list. Celebrate little wins but don’t let yourself settle for just the little ones forever.
    4. Notice your life. Take in your surroundings. Notice your feelings. Notice the sunset or the beach waves. Put down your phone, get off the internet, be present.
    5. Spend your time how you want to spend your time. Reality check: you proactively chose every single one of your choices. Contrary to what you may tell yourself, it’s totally up to you to stay late at work, put off calling your friend or family member back, ditch out on plans, etc. You get it. Chose what you really want.

    Go get ’em tiger. We all believe in you.

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  • Post Title Styled: 5th & Elm Lookbook

    POSTED ON December 20, 2013

    In my dreams, I play a wardrobe stylist every single time. So on the weekends, I live that dream out loud by playing wardrobe stylist on fun freelance gigs. Life is grand, eh? Here are a few the best snaps from my latest project, the 5th & Elm Fall/Winter Lookbook!




















    See the full 5th & Elm Fall/Winter Lookbook here


    Stylist: Shaunna Keller (hi that’s me, duh)

    Photographer: Chantel Marie

    Babes: Mitra, Chelsea and Danielle

  • Post Title 10 Clever Sayings to Wear on Your Body

    POSTED ON December 12, 2013

    Do you ever find yourself casually (albeit aggressively) assuring those around you that “graphic tee’s are your life?” Me too. In fact, this week alone, I’ve worn a graphic tee every single day (count that up, it’s 4) AND I’ve said the exact phrase above a good handful of times. Most people have responded by telling me to rethink my life situation (they don’t get it). I did get one hug out of the whole thing though, which either way does mean that I’m winning. I was cruising through le old blog and I noticed that this little haven is a tad bit light in the graphic department. So you little Thursday-loving readers, let’s get clever with 10 clever sayings to wear on your body. 3121113 21211133121113 1321113 21211138121113 9121113 4121113 1121113 10121113 Find your own clever: 1234, 5678910


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  • Post Title Ice Hot Winter Whites

    POSTED ON December 8, 2013

    This summer was definitely all about the white hots. Some tried to coin the term LWD and although that abbreviation is stupid, the LWD was totally in. So listen up, I propose that we don’t say goodbye to our dearest white yet.  The mega hottie who I now call my favorite hair stylist and who lives in an all black wardrobe and is probably the very epitome of cool referred to white as a color she just might wear. If she’s steppin’ outta her zone for that pantone swatch, then I think it’s safe to say that white has official made it as a color you can wear for more than just your wedding.


    An all white ensemble was really nothing I’d ever considered before, purely because of my totally rational fear of sitting on something brown and looking like I pooped my pants in public. I know I’m not alone. However, the game has changed and I can’t get white out of my mind. As I write this post, I am reminded of a genius quote from my incredible Spanish roommate, who I met on my study abroad in France. He is one hell of a good dude and one of my favorite people I’ve ever met (really, I hit the jackpot in roomies, 4 of them are people I will consider life long best friends). This is a guy who loved to talk about relationships, politics, business, grand life plans…and fashion. Clearly, we really are besties. He constantly churned out killer one-liners, but one in particular rings in my mind when thinking of white outfits, “Shaunna, never, and I mean never, “do” white leggings. It just doesn’t look right. Do not do it. I beg of you.” If only a sound bite were included. You would crack up and your heart will fill up to the brim with love at how precious (and serious) he sounded in that moment. I’m holding strong to that promise over here, Albie…maybe.






    Here are some tips for staying fresh in that ice hot winter white getup, girl.


    1: Be careful. Don’t be an idiot.

    2: Texture is your friend.

    3: Play with varying lengths and fits.

    4: Your shoes make or break your entire outfit.

    5: No white leggings (unless you’re Miley).

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  • Post Title Spruce your place up with Amanda Brown

    POSTED ON December 4, 2013

    Remember the last time I went on and on about our new loft, oh about, a year and a half ago? Well kids, that moving time has come yet again and the boyfriend and I are officially living in our new loft! The place is killer and we are obsessed with decorating it to the fullest.

    When Amanda’s team reached out to me about her new book, obviously I jumped at the idea. HELLO, MAKING CUSTOM FURNITURE? YES PLEASE. Turns out, the whole reupholstering thing is so much easier with Amanda by your side. The book is really cool, super inspiration and even had me racking my brain for projects I could tackle immediately. Who isn’t all about giving their furniture (clothing, life, face, etc) that customized feel these days?


    The first few pages of a creative book are always my favorite. It’s like a little snapshot into how the whole thing was created, and I think, a little insight into the authors unique creative process.


    But am I really going to reupholster a chair? Yes. Well, someday. I don’t exactly have a fabulous vintage chair eagerly waiting to be torn apart, so, I’m going to start with…A PILLOW. Perfect. I’ll do that. It’s happening. This little thrifted velvet skirt that I picked up for a photo shoot would be the bomb . com on a pillow.  Do we agree?


    Here’s the fun part for you kiddos (on your relaxation day, after all). Want a copy for yourself? You can win one and some other really cool stuff, too.

    Here’s how: Upload a photo and caption that shows the Story Publishing team an ugly chair needs a redo, on The Spruce Ugliest Chair Contest on Facebook. What’s in it for you? The winner will receive an upholstery hand tool kit ($250 value), a $200 gift certificate for fabric from Spruce, custom design recommendations from Amanda Brown, and a signed copy of the book!

    Go get ’em tiger.

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  • Post Title 8 Winter Items to Buy on Cyber Monday

    POSTED ON December 2, 2013

    Hi guys! Things have been OH-SO-QUIET around here, but that’s about to change. What better way to kick things off than with a nice little list of must have items for the cold months ahead?

    So grab your credit card, pull up your favorite online shop and go crazy on Cyber Monday’s ass why dontcha?

    Top 8 Trends to Grab this Fall








    Not even joking, you need everysinglething on this winter items list…or expect no new friends.

    I’m half way there by now, so let’s see who gets to the finish line first (read: me…because I just ordered the remaining 4 items in my online shopping binge. Oh hey, what’s up Cyber Monday?).

    Shop these items at Asos and everywhere else in the world that sells cool shit, for that matter.

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